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NYC Local Law 33/95 Update – Energy Efficiency Labels now available for Download

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NYC Local Law 33 and 95 Update – Energy Efficiency Labels now available for Download.

As many New York City building owners know, starting this year per Local Laws 33/95, NYC covered buildings (buildings over 25,000sf) are required to post their Building Energy Efficiency Rating Label by October 31st. The Label includes the building’s Energy Star Score that was submitted for Local Law 84 compliance this year and a Letter Grade assigned by the DOB based on the Energy Star Score.

As of October 1st, the Building Energy Efficiency Rating Labels are now available for download.

Property teams will need to access, print and post the grade in a conspicuous location near each public entrance by October 31st, or be subject to a violation and a $1,250 fine.

Steps to comply:

  1.    Visit DOB NOW Public Portal. The Building Energy Efficiency Rating Labels will be made available upon Oct 1st of every year.
  2.    Scroll to the bottom of the page and select the “Get Your Building Energy Efficiency Rating
  3.    Access your property’s profile by the BBL number.
  4.    If a lot number exists, a list of BINs with corresponding addresses will be listed in rows. (If the BBL is not on the covered building list, an error message will be displayed. If you think your building should be covered follow the link to the DOB site.)
  5.    A button/link to download the label will be displayed next to each row with specific BIN/Address. Click on that button/link.
  6.   On a new screen enter required information and e-sign the attestations (by checking a box).
  7.   Click submit, the label will be displayed. Download, print it, and post it (see posting guidelines below).
  8.   Repeat steps 5-7 for each BIN on the lot.
  9.   If your building has a Letter Grade of N, you are not required to post the Label

The Letter Grade Assignments

Letter Grade assignments were determined by the NYC DOB and are based on the building’s Energy Star Score for the 2019 calendar year that was submitted for Local Law 84 compliance by August 1st of 2020. The Letter Grades are assigned as per the table below:

DOB Requirements for Posting Labels:

  • A printed 8½” x 11” paper label is acceptable.
  • Framing/laminating the label is suggested, but not required, as long as all info included in the label is clearly visible for the entire year.
  • The label may be printed in color (recommended) or in gray scale.
  • Once printed, the label shall be displayed either externally or internally in a conspicuous location near each public entrance, so it is visible to public.
  • The label shall be displayed at a vertical height no less than 4’ and no more than 6’ from the ground or floor.
  • The label shall not be defaced, marred, camouflaged or hidden from public view.
  • The label must be replaced every year with the latest issued version and must be displayed year- round.

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