Sustainability strategy, implementation, and reporting from the ground up

We use our fundamental knowledge of how buildings operate to help you meet your portfolio’s sustainability goals.

Unleash the value of sustainability within every asset

Every engagement at CodeGreen begins by looking at the bigger picture: what do you want to achieve on a portfolio, fund, or organizational level? We review your goals for each asset, deliver a Sustainability Program Roadmap, and pinpoint key opportunities for gradual and sustained improvement to achieve the results you’re after.

Here are just a few examples of the value we deliver:

Improve operational efficiency

We guide you through sustainability strategies that help you reduce operations and maintenance expenses to increase NOI and ROI across your portfolio.

Meet aggressive sustainability benchmarks

Whether you want to eliminate your carbon emissions or improve your asset’s health and wellbeing performance, we can help you build long-term programs to reach your goals effectively.

Attract and retain investors

A sustainable portfolio is a profitable portfolio. We not only help you operate sustainably, we provide certifications, reporting, and analyses to communicate your achievements to your investors and partners through frameworks such as GRESB, GRI, SASB, and UNPRI.

Safeguard the accuracy of your ESG data

ESG data is complex and continually expanding. We help you provide investors and shareholders with the reporting and metrics they require, and our rigorous quality control means you can feel confident in the data you report.

Comply with local energy regulations

Energy and sustainability regulations change rapidly. We provide future-looking plans and strategies that ensure you’re ahead of the game tracking against energy and carbon regulations at the local and regional level.

Mitigate future risk

Is your portfolio resilient enough to handle whatever may come? Our sustainability programs manage and inform strategies addressing climate risk, physical risk, and transitional risk to your business.

Ensure occupant health and safety

The wellbeing of your building occupants is essential. Through certifications, air testing, policy development, training, and engagement, we implement best practices to improve the wellbeing of current and prospective tenants.

Bring your values to life

Green is no longer a buzzword. It’s a part of your organization’s vision, mission, and core values. We help you bring those ideas to life so you can embody sustainability in your business and strengthen internal engagement.

Decarbonization and Building Performance Regulations

Energy efficiency and decarbonization are core to a comprehensive sustainability program. We develop portfolio and asset-level energy and carbon emissions reduction programs grounded in real-life operations and dive deep into your building systems to increase energy efficiency, improve comfort, and future-proof your assets against local energy regulations.

285 million sq ft
of energy benchmarking this year

1000+ unique Energy STAR benchmarks this year

262 million sq ft
in GHG calculations and accounting

75 million sq ft
in Energy STAR Certifications

Energy management and reporting

Our real estate energy management solutions drive energy and operational efficiency improvements on a building and portfolio level through ongoing analysis and actionable reporting. We review data from multiple sources, including building automation systems, metering infrastructure, and locally controlled equipment to recommend targeted changes and track results.


The ENERGY STAR logo communicates your commitment to sustainability and high performance to your peers and stakeholders. Our industry-leading benchmarking team will help you verify and optimize your ENERGY STAR score and apply for ENERGY STAR certification to showcase your performance to peers and stakeholders. CodeGreen has been awarded the Energy STAR Partner of the Year, Sustained Excellence since 2017, one of only 11 service providers to ever receive this award.


Reducing building energy use and carbon emissions help you lower operating expenses, align with stakeholder expectations and prepare for regulations. CodeGreen’s team identifies energy and carbon reduction strategies from operational improvements, major capital upgrades, onsite renewables and storage, leveraging the latest energy modeling technology to assess complex strategies. We also work with you to identify and communicate emission reduction strategies for your tenants since they can represent up to 50% or more of your building’s carbon footprint.

Building Performance Standards and Regulations: NYC Local Law 97, DC BEPS, Boston BERDO, Energize Denver, etc.

We provide a full suite of strategic planning, engineering and turnkey implementation support to help your assets comply with local building performance standards such as New York’s local law 97 and BEPS in Washington, DC, Boston BERDO and Energize Denver. We develop cost-effective strategies to reduce energy use and meet regulatory requirements that can be phased over time. Our in-house teams manage the technical and administrative compliance requirements to put our clients at ease.

ESG Program development and management

Investors, tenants, and employees demand rigorous sustainability programs from their real estate partners. We develop, implement, and track comprehensive ESG programs that drive portfolio-wide performance improvements, prepare you for rigorous reporting requirements, and attract and retain top investors, tenants, and employees.

$165 billion
in assets under management for GRESB

41 real estate funds submitted to GRESB

100% of our clients
have achieved a GRESB Green Star Rating

12 points average
2-year improvement for first time GRESB respondents

ESG Program Development and Management

Developing and maintaining a robust ESG program is a requirement for leading real estate organizations. CodeGreen helps you identify aspects of ESG that are material to your organization and align with your broader goals. We work with you to develop a high level corporate strategy and provide asset level technical services to imbed ESG initiatives into every aspect of the real estate cycle from construction and acquisition to lease up and disposition.

GRI Sustainability Reporting

Showcase your sustainability achievements with an annual report. We help you craft and write a report that aligns with the G3 reporting framework for your organization. Our data team collects and distills relevant performance indicators to communicate your organization’s commitment to sustainability. Our final reports are professionally designed and investor-ready.


CodeGreen works with you to prepare for and complete the GRESB reporting process whether you’re a seasoned ESG veteran or a first-time responder. We provide hands-on support to break down the survey and leverage your achievements to maximize your GRESB score. Annually, we help you review your results and implement initiatives to strategically improve your ESG program and your year-over-year GRESB scores.

Climate Risk Reporting (SASB, TCFD, etc)

The financial impacts of sustainability are important for your investors and stakeholders. We provide integrated SASB and TCFD reporting support and align your annual sustainability reporting with these globally recognized standards and evaluate your portfolio’s exposure to the physical and transitional impacts of climate change.

Green building certifications

Third-party certifications are a great way to showcase your commitment to sustainability. Whether you want to certify one building or one hundred, we deliver turnkey certification management for industry-leading standards such as LEED, IREM, Fitwel and WELL. Our in-house teams perform the associated engineering, field testing, and air quality services to streamline coordination, simplify the certification process, and track performance for ongoing recertification requirements.

LEED Certification

Our LEED consultants have certified more real estate square footage in New York City than any other organization in the world—over 120 million square feet to be exact. We ensure your LEED certification journey is streamlined and efficient, delivering value to the property beyond the plaque.


Through our construction commissioning services for new buildings and major renovations, we help you maximize operational efficiency of your design and achieve non-energy benefits such as improved thermal comfort, indoor air quality, and longer equipment life. Commissioning also results in better design coordination and fewer construction issues.

Fitwel Certification

Achieving Fitwel Certification helps your building demonstrate your commitment to physical health of the people who occupy your building and helps improve productivity through smart design, planning, and operations. We maximize the impact of the program on your portfolio by breaking down the Fitwel building standard into actionable steps.

WELL Building Certification

We focus on best practices in design and construction to help you attain your WELL Certification. Meeting WELL building standards shows your commitment to the health and wellness of your tenants and occupants.

Leverage compliance to create value for your portfolio

Buildings represent 40-70% of the carbon footprint of most major US cities. It’s no wonder that many cities, states, and countries around the world are enforcing policies and Building Performance Standards that promote sustainability and energy efficiency to meet their ambitious carbon-reduction goals. New York City was first with local law 97 and other cities like Washington DC (BEPS), Boston BERDO, and Energize Denver have followed suit.

We take a proactive approach to compliance so your portfolio is ready for current and future regulations. We identify compliance requirements years in advance and develop a structured plan to address issues, track progress, and be ready when deadlines arrive.


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