The carbon reduction targets of Local Law 97 will require an unprecedented focus on deep energy efficiency retrofits across New York City buildings.  Many building owners will be considering these types of projects for the first time.  Where should they start?  What types of retrofit measures should they consider and in what order?  What investments should they avoid, and how are all these considerations different for multifamily or commercial buildings?

On November 6th, CodeGreen will join other expert panelists to discuss how building owners should be preparing for the Local Law 97 carbon emissions caps.

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Opening Remarks
Emily Dean, Director of Market Development, NYSERDA

Donna DeCostanzo, Director, Northeast Energy and Sustainable Communities, NRDC
Jeff Perlman, CEO & Founder, BrightPower
Chris Cayten, Principal, CodeGreen Solutions

Yetsuh Frank, Managing Director, Programs & Strategy, BE-Ex

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9:00: Program
10:30: Close