Building on CodeGreen’s 15+ years of industry-leading expertise, the Abisko software platform redefines data management and transparency to enable clients to design and implement high impact sustainability programs.

Stay ahead of the compliance landscape

Abisko helps you track regulatory exposure for assets across your portfolio. To stay ahead of your reporting, CodeGreen’s compliance experts help ensure that you are prepared for upcoming deadlines, have an accurate understanding of potential fines and penalties, and that you are in full compliance. This combination of CodeGreen experts and Abisko provides you with unparalleled transparency and assurance.

With Abisko, CodeGreen helps you:

  • Manage data collection to ensure accurate reporting via Energy Star Portfolio Manager®
  • Help file benchmarking and audit reports with local jurisdictions nationwide
  • Generate asset level plans to meet BPS and other regulatory requirement

Maximize the value of ESG reporting

Abisko is the most intuitive solution for navigating the complex world of ESG reporting. With specialized data collection, verification, and submission features for various reporting frameworks, Abisko enables stress-free reporting with the help of CodeGreen experts.

With Abisko, CodeGreen helps you:

  • Maximize scores by engaging stakeholders with specialized workflows that ensure complete and accurate responses
  • Develop SBTi compliance pathways for assets and portfolios

Set impactful decarbonization strategies

Abisko simplifies carbon reporting by enriching your Energy Star Portfolio Manager® profile with property ownership periods, landlord / tenant space assignments, alternative emissions factors, and more. This enables CodeGreen to help you develop strategies to significantly reduce your carbon emissions.

With Abisko, CodeGreen helps you:

  • Identify and prioritize opportunities for decarbonizing assets across your portfolio
  • Conduct financial analysis based on different portfolio decarbonization scenarios
  • Track the impacts of investments and measures on carbon performance over time


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